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headache-causeHeadaches come from many causes. They may originate from hormonal imbalances
such as progesterone deficiency and estrogen excess for headaches occurring around menstrual periods. Progesterone topical cream at 50 mg/ pump rubbed into the forearms and wrists can stop many of these headaches in 3 minutes. Taken continuously through the menstrual cycle, progesterone prevents them from happening at all in many women, along with preventing PMS and menstrual cramps by the second cycle. There are no side effects from using progesterone except fatigue which can be very helpful for insomnia, awakening in the night.

Hundreds of textbooks have been written about headaches and yet innovative solutions remain elusive. German doctors have taught us about the miracles of Neural Therapy since 1905. Neural Therapy, procaine therapy is used in acupuncture points everywhere in the body and nowhere more effectively than in headaches. Procaine is a molecule that wakes up nerves which have been injured or damaged. For example, ¼ cc of procaine injected into acupuncture points on the back of the head with a tiny mosquito needle (doesn’t hurt, really) stops many headaches in 30 seconds. Sometimes secondary injections need to be done in the temples, neck and other painful headache points if the pain moves around. There are no side effects from this therapy unless the patient has an allergy to procaine. We always test the patient on sensitivity to procaine before any injection therapy.

We can beef up this Neural Therapy with additional injectable combination
homeopathic remedies from Heel Company in Baden Baden, Germany. We add these remedies to the injections when there is an element of vascular spasm as found in migraine headaches. It won’t stop a three day migraine with nausea, vomiting and extreme light sensitivity but it helps especially if starting early in the cycle. Intravenous magnesium can be most helpful for migraines.

Headaches can come from musculoskeletal stress. If your doctor, masseuse, spouse or child presses on top of your shoulders and you shriek in pain you have issues of muscles tension. Massage is wonderful for alleviating these stressful muscles. Magnesium, especially magnesium glycinate can relax tight muscles and even relieve
fibromyalgia. Too much magnesium can cause diarrhea. If this occurs simply reduce the dose. Topical homeopathic remedies such as Zeel and Traumeel can help relieve sore muscles and joints. There are scores of oral homeopathic remedies which treat headaches. Chiropractic adjustments can also be helpful for headaches related to misaligned neck vertebrae.

Food allergies can cause headaches. The big three bad guys to eliminate to see if they impact your headaches are sugar, milk and wheat (gluten). If you take a couple of weeks off these foods and feel remarkably better you may be sensitive to them.

A toxic liver (the oil filter for our body) can fail to screen toxic materials from a leaky intestine which allows fecal material (yum) to go directly by the circulation to the liver. This toxicity can cause headaches in many people, especially the very constipated folks (Doctor I have a bowel movement every week or two, that’s normal isn’t it?) People who are having less than one stool per day are creating a toxic load on their body. The Gerson Therapy of coffee enemas has been great for headaches in our past 40 plus years of practice. The coffee goes directly from the bowel into the liver and turns on bile flow which cleans out the liver. Liver gallbladder flushes are also powerful. For directions look up online.

Weakness of any of our hormones such as cortisol, progesterone and thyroid can cause headaches from low blood sugar and adrenalin/cortisol spikes.

Over the counter drugs don’t ever answer the causal questions of why one gets headaches in the first place. It is not a lack of drugs – it is always imbalanced body chemistry.

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