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HCG: A Good Diet for Those Who Want to Lose 7-10 Pounds


Recently, I wrote an article (January’s Healthy Beginnings Magazine) about how effective HCG is for weight loss. Since writing the article, many people have asked me about whether HCG would be a good weight loss tool for losing seven to ten pounds. I had a personal interest in finding out if HCG would be a good solution for losing this amount of weight, since I had eight more pounds to lose after my first 30 days on the HCG and six weeks of follow up.

When I first started taking HCG, I had a goal to lose 26 pounds. After 30 days, of which 27 were on the diet, I had lost 20 pounds. As the diet outlined, I had to take six weeks off of the drops, and follow a regimen to add calories and various food groups back into my daily diet. Although I attempted to follow this course of action, it was the holiday season, Thanksgiving through New Years, and I didn’t do the best job of following the diet as outlined. To my surprise, at the end of my six weeks following the diet, I had added only two pounds, leaving me only eight pounds from my goal.

I couldn’t decide whether to start the HCG drops again or try more conventional ways to lose the eight pounds. I called my contact at the company whose HCG product I was using to discuss my dilemma. They told me HCG was a good solution for my remaining weight loss and gave me the information on how to approach it.

For a dieter with a goal to lose seven to 10 pounds within the 26 day HCG cycle, as opposed to 16 plus pounds, you still begin the diet as everyone else does. The first two days you can gorge on whatever foods you like, while starting to take the HCG drops three times a day. On day three, you drop down to the 500 calorie diet, just as the normal HCG diet suggest, no matter what your weight loss goal is. The diet starts to vary, for those trying to lose seven to 10 pounds, after you reach your goal. You will probably get to your goal in the late second or early third week. Once you reach your goal weight, you take your calories up to 800–1,000 per day to maintain you current weight. You also continue on the drops through the 23rd day, just like you were trying to lose a greater amount of weight. My contact told me that a person will know they are near their goal weight when they start to feel a little weak. At that point, the body has burned most of the fat it can, and the 500 calories are not enough to fuel it.

I started my second round of HCG on January 10th. It took me 12 days to lose my last eight pounds. I finished taking the drops on Feb. 2nd and the low caloric diet on Feb. 5th. I did as the company rep suggested and went to 800–1,000 calories a day after I achieved my goal weight. For the first time in a few years, I am actually looking forward to bathing suit season. I also get to wear some clothes that I have not worn in years.

My dieting partner Marjorie is doing well. She also started the diet again in January and lost an additional 14 pounds, bringing her total weight loss to 34 pounds. She smiles a lot more these days.

Some additional tips I picked up along the way:

– Mornings can be very difficult. An apple isn’t always satisfying to get your day going. It is alright to have an egg white in the morning instead in order to give yourself some protein.

– Coconut oil or fat free lotions can be used. Remember not to use lotions with oils.

– Make sure to measure out your 10 drops in a spoon when you take the drops. If you only use the dropper and put the drops directly in your mouth, you may get inconsistent dosages.

– Drink lots of water and some type of tea (teas help you digest the food and fats you are burning due to the diet)

As a follow-up, it is now the middle of September and I have continued to maintain my overall weight loss of 26 pounds. There have been times I put three to five pounds back on, but I managed to get those pounds off within a week or two of putting them on. HCG not only helped me to lose weight, but it also taught me to eat much healthier foods.

About the author:

Lynn Kehoe is a stay-at-home mom with two children, Jenny age 12 and Nick age 10. Her children’s active lifestyle often makes it hard for her to cook healthy meals, which lead to too many stops at fast food restaurants.

Editor’s Note: You may want to consult your physician before adding a new diet or exercise to your regime.