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Going Green: How To Get Rid of Unwanted Direct Mail at Home and at the Office

Is your mailbox cluttered with junk mail? Have you ever asked yourself how some of these companies even got your mailing address to begin with?

Every time you provide your name and address when buying a product you’re signing up to receive direct mail pieces. This occurs when you buy a car or a house, use a shopping card, sign up for a credit card, subscribe to a magazine, buy something from a catalog, give money to a charity, or fill out a product registration form. Once signed up, your name is put into a database for that company. Often companies will rent out their database lists to other businesses for direct marketing.

There is a way to cut back the amount of direct mail you receive. By contacting the Direct Marketing Association you can register to have your name removed via the Mail Preference Service. This will take your name off most major catalog list rentals. You can register online or by mail. The Direct Marketing Association also allows you to pick and choose what direct mail pieces you receive. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to go the store to see what is on sale.

This year, go green by eliminating excess waste. You can end the annoyance of mail pieces that go straight from your mailbox to your trash.

To register by mail:
Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association Inc.
Box 9008 Box 282
Carmel, NY 10512

To register online: