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Get Yourself Plugged In: Your Body Has to Be Electrically Charged, Just Like Your Cell Phone


Nowadays, the top concern when leaving your home is, “Do I have my cellphone charger?” and, “Where can I get plugged in?” otherwise, you may be doomed. The handheld devices have most everyone focused on electricity for accessing their data. This concept is also true when discussing your health. Yes, you need to get plugged in because the body is electric and, without good electricity, the body suffers a wide range of illnesses. Vast bodies of medical research over a century delve deep into the electrical aspects of health, and the future of medicine is focusing more to electrical solutions, rather than biochemical. Mounting evidence suggests that the Earth’s negative potential can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems.

The Body Is Electric

Your body requires electricity for proper function and to keep a constant supply of electricity (a.k.a. the ow of electrons). The body is both a battery that generates electricity from its own chemical processes and is a plug-in device to draw electrons from the Earth’s surface. We humans have a host of health issues that our fellow land- based mammals do not because we have created insulation (barriers) to our connection to the Earth by our modern footwear and housing. We no longer run around barefoot or sleep directly upon the Earth, which has had some great benefits to our health such as reduced exposures in bad weather and protection from injury and infection to our feet. Yet, we are paying a price for this ‘improved’ environment, which is the lack of being plugged in to get electrons from the Earth. Yes, horses are mammals that sometimes wear shoes, but they are steel, thus acting as a conductor.

Where To Plug In To Charge Your Body

Did Starbucks come to mind with the idea, “Hey, I can charge my phone and get a caffeine energy boost all in one!” Truth be known, caffeine depletes those powerful electrons, making you dependent upon the caffeine’s induced adrenaline buzz. You don’t need anything artificial – your body’s charging station is the Earth. Just place your bare feet on its surface and those electrons automatically ow into the body. Direct contact of skin to the ground works the best – no socks or stockings. A walk on the beach is even great exposure, as the surf submerges your feet and the lower legs with water filled with electrolytes, giving you more surface area contact.

Acupuncture is a great source of electrons with the insertion of the steel needles, as electrons ow o the needle and into the body. Research conducted in the 1980s determined that the Acupuncture Meridians are comprised of several tissues: compartmentalized body fluids (blood in the blood vessels, cerebral spinal fluid) and the ow of electrons through tiny openings in the protein structure of the fascia tissue. That ow is increased where the fascia tissue has concentration of interstitial fluids (directly beneath the skin).

There is a wide range of Earth grounding mats you can purchase to have in your home. The earliest versions of these mats emerged in the early 1900s for those living in city multi-story buildings. These mats were comprised of connecting a copper wire between steam radiant heaters (made of steel) or plumbing pipes (steel or copper) and your feet when sleeping.

Things That Deplete Your Battery

Did I mention caffeine? The way caffeine depletes your body of electrons is due to its diuretic action (stimulates urination) which causes potassium to be excreted and with the loss of potassium so too are its electrons. Potassium, like sodium (table salt), is a critical electrolyte that keeps us alive. Other “depleters” include your footwear and where you live, of which both can be considered insulators. Before the 1960s production of rubbers and plastics, footwear was comprised of animal skins (leather that allows for some moisture) and centuries prior, bedding was straw (plant fiber allowing for moisture) and performed as conductors for the Earth’s electrons. Negative and judgmental thinking produce acids and the alkalizing minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium (electrolytes), which are used to neutralize the acids thus reducing electrons.

How To Maintain Your Battery

You need to maintain your battery’s chemistry and keep your terminals free of insulators. Salt baths work because the salts are the electrolytes. A diet dominated by green leafy vegetables is rich with electrolytes. Cocoa – yes, dark chocolate of 71 percent or higher (and little sugar) is rich with magnesium. Picnic blankets of cotton (not synthetics) are good conductors, and wear cotton clothing when you lean against a tree while reading a book.

Plug In Daily

What’s great about maintaining your body’s electrical device is that you increase your energy without using calories and overstimulating the nervous system. Getting plugged in is easy and enjoyable, so charge your battery with loving thoughts and a bit of chocolate while walking barefoot in the park.

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