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This is the first of three articles having to do with self-empowerment in the areas of health, finances and relationships.

Currently Americans are suffering from a health care crisis of tragic proportions. Over one hundred thousand deaths each year are caused by prescription medications. That’s 270 every minute, more than twice as many as are killed in car accidents each year. The book Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs by Melody Petersen explains how the pharmaceutical industry has taken over our faltering health care system by cleverly hawking every kind of drug imaginable. Even the American Medical Association, in a 2000 study, found that one third of all deaths in America are caused by medical errors made by doctors in diagnosis, surgery or prescriptions.

Our Daily Meds explains how the prescription med industry is in bed with doctors by paying physicians to be their so-called consultants, to sit on corporate advisory boards and to lecture other physicians. The prescription med industry pays for up to 80 percent of the continuing medical education doctors need to maintain their licenses. Doctors are no longer independent gatekeepers who keep us safe from drugs we don’t need, because far too many of them are financially tied to the industry.

We are the only country that doesn’t control prescription drug prices. We are one of only two countries in the world that allow the drug companies to market directly to the public. So is it any wonder that we have such a huge illegal drug problem in this country, with prescription drugs being hawked in print advertisements and constantly on TV? Children grow up with this programming, hearing from a very young age how you need this or that pill to feel good and be happy.

More drugs are prescribed for children in this country every year, even though we know little about the long-term effects of prescription meds on kids. More drugs are being prescribed for conditions unrelated to what they were originally designed to “help,” although this is illegal. Ms. Petersen’s book covers many more current topics and is well researched and documented, a real wake-up call for Americans who do no research regarding their meds.

As a result of drug companies being able to market directly to the consumer, we are bombarded daily with programming to use drugs or to actually tell our doctor which drugs we need. They try to frighten us by implying that, “One in three people will get the flu this winter and you’re the one.” They try to appeal to our conditioned fear and resultant need for instant advice on every little twinge; they try to convince us that we need to go in for checkups for every body part. The idea is promoted as “prevention,” which really is an effort to find something wrong with us, which financially aids the local specialist receiving the referral, the rest of the medical profession down the line, as well as “Big Pharma.”

Allopathic (conventional) medicine is very big business. As a result, our conditioning is to run to a doctor for every symptom. We have not been taught to believe that our own bodies actually do the healing. Instead, we’ve been programmed to believe that doctors and drugs are the answer. Actually most drugs simply affect the symptom, not the cause. That’s like erasing the skid marks after a traffic accident, or repairing the crashed cars, thinking that the auto repair and removal of the skid marks will stop future accidents. Go to, the most popular natural health website in America, and watch the video entitled The Town of Allopath.

We are in this mess because we didn’t grow up with the idea that our thoughts and emotions have any effect at all on our bodies. However, the new biology of epigenetics shows that our thoughts, beliefs and expectations have everything to do with our health. If we engage in chronic negative thoughts about anything, or suffer constant stress, those anxieties affect all 50 trillion of our cells. Each thought has a vibrational frequency, like a radio signal, and as we send out toxic thoughts, we damage our cells and get breakdown results.

We each have our own pharmaceutical company in our body, which knows exactly how much of each chemical and hormone we need in order to be healthy. Working in concert with our positive thoughts, beliefs and expectations, that pharmacy creates what we need when we need it. But it cannot override negative, fearful or worried thoughts forever. It can repair the damage caused by toxic thoughts, beliefs and stress for many years, but finally the barrage is too much, and the cells begin to break down or begin multiplying in an unnatural way.

The genius of our system is that if we start changing our thoughts right now, even after years of negative thinking, our bodies can begin to heal. Every organ and tissue in our body has its own vibrational frequency. After many years of vibrational abuse, those frequencies may have changed from normal healthy frequencies to dysfunctional frequencies. Scientists in Germany have developed a machine called Ondamed (pronounced on-da-med), which beams healthy frequencies into the body; thereby entraining the dysfunctional frequencies back to healthy ones. Professionals in sports medicine were the first to see the value in this therapy because of the need of fast healing for professional athletes. It is now being used for all kinds of ailments, and serves as proof of the effectiveness of vibrational medicine. To learn more and to find a professional in your area who understands vibrational healing, go to

To watch an informative video of Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, and Dr. Wayne Dyer explaining the science behind vibrational medicine and giving pertinent examples, go to and type in their names. The videos entitled “You Can Heal Yourself” parts 1 and 2 will pop up. This is important information for anyone wanting to know the latest research. I recently learned from Dr. John Veltheim, the developer of the BodyTalk System, that it takes 22 years for new facts to be included in college textbooks. That’s a whole generation! With the pharmaceutical industry standing guard at the elbows of conventional medical school decision makers, why would they allow books that explain the power of thoughts and beliefs to be included in the curriculum? There’s no money in it for them if people learn to heal themselves.

This new science shows that the vibrational frequencies from our thoughts, beliefs and expectations, as well as the electromagnetic frequencies from our hearts, affects not only our own bodies but things that are happening around us. See for more info on this. Millions of people are waking up, and will no longer be interested in the old ways of looking at things. Nor will we continue to be willing to give away our power to outdated ideas of healing, nor be financial or life-style victims of greedy multi-national corporations who have a vested interest in keeping us ignorant.


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