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Embracing August: 5 Reasons Why the Month Empowers Your Creative Soul

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Have you ever told yourself that this is the summer you are finally going to start a garden, get out more in nature, train for a marathon, try a vegan lifestyle or finally clean out your house and have that huge yard sale? Suddenly it’s August, and you feel the time slipping away from you and you haven’t started any of the projects you’d hoped to accomplish.

The good news is that it’s only the beginning of August and you still have time to accomplish some of your goals. There are a couple more months left of long days and warm evenings, fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market, art festivals and concerts! In fact, the environment of August is perfect for supporting you. August is inherently supportive of creativity. Here are five reasons why:

Familiar Surroundings

The summer stomping grounds have been established. Our routines have relaxed. We’ve probably gotten on a pretty comfortable social schedule and are finally used to the heat. Environments that are stable and familiar with few fluctuations give rise to the stability necessary for initiating change! Use August’s mid-summer vibe to add something new to your established routines.


Natural light is like fuel for our creative juices. With so many hours of warm light available during the day, it’s easy to fill our energy tanks to the brim. August is the time when fruits are becoming their ripest, full of as much sunlight as they can hold, offering yet another way to fill our bodies with light. This full spectrum light has been proven to boost the immune system, increase dopamine levels and reduce cortisol in the body. So, fill your tanks! The time is ripe to start creating!


Have you ever noticed that a moderate noise level, like birds chirping, streams flowing or some smooth tunes playing relaxes the body and activates the creative mind? This is because moderate ambient sound actually stimulates creativity more than complete silence. In August we can open our windows, let nature in to our homes and offices and listen to the sweet sounds of summer. We have time to take it all in. Go out to your garage or garden and let the easy melodies be a backdrop to that project you are finally tackling.


The heat of August may be relentless, but these high temperatures bring the fire of creativity to our bodies and stimulate our systems rather than push them into hibernation, like the bitter cold of winter. So let the heat drive you to be innovative. We are already warmed up, now move!


Bright colors create visual interest and help fight fatigue. When our brains receive complex combinations of full spectrum colors, we can feel the difference. Try it for yourself. Stare at a blank wall in your house for 5 minutes (if you can stand it), then step outside and soak in the vibrant colors of August. Notice the difference in how you feel. All the inspiration you need for coaxing yourself into initiating your new endeavor is waiting for you during this colorful month.

Let the creative environment of August inspire your indoor spaces as well. Pay attention to these elements in your home and workplace, and choose to patronize businesses that have taken these elements into account. When an indoor space supports our creativity, we are far more likely to follow through with the things that require our ingenuity.

Christina Luna is a massage therapist and life coach at The Change Place, an incredibly creative space for cultivating health and wellness. Christina feels grateful to have all of the elements of August present in her work/play space. To schedule a massage with Christina, call 775-721-7936. For more information about The Change Place, visit