Healthy Beginnings

“Eliminate Body Waste… Or It May Eliminate You”

Digestive-TractDetoxification is believed to be the first step to natural health. Removing potentially harmful waste from the intestines is a quick, effective and safe way to begin the detoxification process. The colon is one of the body’s major organs necessary for eliminating waste; if it is not functioning perfectly, the body can, in time, become congested with decaying garbage that can cause damage to one or all the vital organs.

A slow and insidious process, over a period of years, toxic build-up can gradually lead to a variety of diseases, including arthritis, ulcers, cancers, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, diverticulitis, and skin breakouts. The warning signs can occur months or even years before and can be experienced by many people as a simple headache or a noticeable lack of energy. It is the inability to assimilate nutrients due to toxic build-up that eventually causes the body to break down.

Here is an explanation of why this happens. Consider that today, much of our food is grown in de-mineralized soil. In addition, the food is injected with fertilizers; the air is polluted and the water is unclean. Combine that with sedentary living, proper elimination of body waste has become a major health issue of modern living. Statistics show that over $100,000 million is spent annually on laxatives in an attempt to combat this problem. Is it any wonder that few people have a normal functioning colon? In addition, it is reported that over 100,000 Americans undergo colostomies each year with over 100,000 dying annually of colon cancer – now ranked as the second leading cause of death in the USA.

The digestive problems of those individuals who continually consume devitalized “garbage” foods results in unhealthy colons replete with abnormal pockets, bulges, twists and crooks that provides a safe harbor for impacted cement-like waste deposits that stick to the intestinal lining. This unhealthy state of affairs also serves as a home for parasites and harmful bacteria.

Waste often forces itself out on a daily basis. However, naturopathically speaking, you can still be considered constipated even if you have two or even three bowel movements a day!

“It may surprise you to learn that evacuation while sitting on a toilet is about as natural as eating while standing on your head! You were designed to evacuate in a natural squatting position with your weight on your feet. This is nature’s way of promoting peristaltic action necessary for complete evacuation. Any other manner impedes nature’s purpose. Some country’s toilets are designed to conform with nature’s own plan – not so in the USA”.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Although one can take an enema at home, a gentle and natural detoxifier is colon hydrotherapy. Contrary to some objections, colon irrigation does not wash out the intestinal flora, valuable nutrients, nor is it habit forming. Quite the opposite is true! Flushing out putrefaction in the large intestine actually helps increase the beneficial intestinal flora. Every time you clean out the decaying waste, you actually help provide your intestines with an enhanced environment for the natural flora, which immediately begins to multiply in their media.

The muscles of the intestines contract with new life and vigor every time you fill the intestines with water. By removing unnatural conditions of filth and stagnation colon irrigation provides a simple and natural way to supply the needed exercise and cleanliness to the intestines as first step to optimum health.

A Feeling of Well Being

Though nausea and cramping can sometimes be experienced during colon hydrotherapy, it is the result of stored toxins being removed that are getting “stirred up”. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the incredible results from the intestinal wash program they didn’t think they needed. Improved digestion, increased mental power, a sense of well-being and more vibrant health are only a few of the benefits. Patients with brain fog, extreme depression and pessimism have seemingly been “transformed” into cheerful optimistic people after all or most of the putrefying waste was removed from their colon!


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