Healthy Beginnings

Publisher’s Letter | April 2013

Dawn-4[1]--300Dear Readers,

I would like to take this time to thank all of you from my heart. Your devoted readership each month has assured me that the information we provide every month is valued and appreciated by you the reader. You have done the same for our advertisers as well, as you utilize Healthy Beginnings as a resource to build their businesses.

Ffjorren asked me to write this month’s “editor letter” as she is burning the candles at both ends these last months, while she edits by day and by night, and directs the community theatre play “The Wizard of Oz” in Tracy, California.

April’s lineup of articles brings not only new thoughts regarding health issues, yet also insightful messages to ponder in healing heartfelt relationships. After reading Andy Drymalski’s article on “Love Mockery,” I went inside myself and asked, “who pays me false admiration?” Sometimes it is people that are close to me; sometimes it is the government. I have never appreciated institutions that tell me how to think and what to think. I believe in accountability, I do not believe in the blame game.

Healthy Beginnings Magazine’s core mission is based on one simple element. Our mission is to present unbiased articles on the topics of health. The topic of health encompasses the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to present the information; you the reader can discern for yourself what may or may not be a benefit to you and your life’s journey.

Please enjoy the articles we have for you this month. Let us know your thoughts; we want to know what you think. As always…

Best in Health and Happiness,

Dawn Gowery