Healthy Beginnings

Dr. Maged H. Maged – Sierra Integrative Medical Center

“Health and disease can not coexist in the body at the same time.”

Dr. Maged H. Maged, MD, NMD, Ph.D., APH (Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy), attributes his early understanding of holistic health to his education in the former Soviet Union. While he was studying to be a physician, a whole-person approach to medicine was taught as a fundamental building block to a patient’s health.

When Dr. Maged was one year-old he was struck with polio. The challenges that ensued due to his illness inspired Dr. Maged to be a doctor by the time he was at the age of six, because he didn’t want “children to suffer like he did.” In 1991, Dr. Maged moved from Russia to the United States. As a man who traveled throughout the world, Dr. Maged chose America as his permanent home and in 1999 he became a citizen.

“I became an American citizen because of the Constitution. There is no other document like it in the world.” Dr. Maged said.

Today, Dr. Maged practices at Sierra Integrative Medical Center, an 18,000 square-foot facility located in Reno. Before joining the facility Dr. Maged worked for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and later worked with Dr. Charles Farr, the “Father” of oxidative therapies. Dr. Maged was attracted to Sierra Integrative Medical, because of their shared philosophy and passion for integrative medicine. The philosophy of the renowned center is based on “wisdom, sensitivity, health, vitality and integrity.”

“We focus on health, not the disease,” Dr. Maged said “Health and disease can not coexist in the body at the same time. It is scientifically known that we are capable of healing ourselves.”

Dr. Maged believes in the importance of western medicine, but he expresses the dangers of sole reliance on chemicals to treat illness.

“America has the best technology in crisis situations and bringing back life, but it is the worst when it comes to degenerative diseases,” Dr. Maged said “We have forgotten about ‘health’.”

When a patient comes to Dr. Maged and his team, the focus is on getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the body at the cellular level. As Dr. Maged explains, the toxins due to our bad habits and, simply living life, fuel the fire of disease while traditional chemical medicine just eliminates the smoke. Dr. Maged’s goal is to put out the fire completely by giving the natural instruments needed for the body to repair itself.

“Who wants to be a walking pharmacy without quality of life?” Dr. Maged said “First I ask why did the body lose its ability to heal itself? Unfortunately, patients come to us as a last resort. This type of medicine is to prevent disease. Imagine if people came to us first?”

Dr. Maged refers back to the Latin definition of “doctor,” which is “teacher”. Therefore, this is part of his philosophy of medicine: that one must “teach” the patient how to help their body repair itself and regain overall health. He also approaches the body spiritually as well as physically. He sees the “whole body, not just the parts.” Dr. Maged is not only a physician, but one could describe him as a philosopher. He discusses the power and purpose of gaining knowledge and how one can “transcend materialism through the use of intellect.” His message on how to live a healthy, balanced and rich life is a simple but powerful one.

“Live your life to the fullest,” Dr. Maged said “Listen to your enjoyment…mentally, physically and spiritually. Put those together and you will enjoy life.”

Dr. Maged’s primary focus is on patients, but his long-term goal is to create new ideas that can be applied to medicine in the future.

“If there is no science behind it, I don’t use it.” Dr. Maged said “Science, behind what we believe, is very important.”

The expanded Latin definition of ‘doctor’ describes the title only being given to one after living a “life dedicated to learning, to knowledge and to the spread of knowledge.”

As Dr. Maged eloquently describes, one must always have a philosophy in life, for it is the boat that will carry you over the seas of life. Dr. Maged is passionately dedicated to his work, his patients, and lives by his philosophy everyday.