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Publisher’s Letter | December 2014

Happy December and Merry Christmas! As a child, reaching the month of December was very exciting, it was the end of another year and the … [Read more...]

Kids Corner | December 2014


Part I Written By Aramia Zolfaghar December is very special to me! It is special to me because of the holiday CHRISTMAS (and kids … [Read more...]

Cover Story | December 2014


        Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar | Candles wrapped in sliver, snowy white and deep red. Our cover … [Read more...]

Publisher’s Letter | November 2014

Dawn Gowery

Family comes to mind when we approach the month of November. When you think of your family, what comes to mind? Did you grow up in a loving … [Read more...]

Kids Corner | November 2014

Aramia Zolfaghar

Written By Aramia Love Zolfaghar (8-years-old) | What does Thanksgiving mean to me? Thanksgiving means that I am thankful for what I … [Read more...]

Cover Story | November 2014

Healthy Beginnings Cover Nov. 2014

Written By Ffjorren Zolfaghar | The white pumpkin is a beautiful contrast to the standard colors of orange and brown, commonly used in fall … [Read more...]