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Tulsi: The Queen of Herbs


Written By Allison Prater | Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as Ocimum sanctum, is better known as Holy basil, or tulsi. It is an aromatic … [Read more...]

The Conscious Consumer’s Guide to Flowers

More growers in the US are starting to produce flowers that are grown organically.

Valentine's Day is one of the holidays that inspires mass buying and gifting of flowers. Most of us to don't think very much about how the … [Read more...]

Oh, Gee! | Goji Berries

The Chinese call goji the longevity fruit.

"A Rough Patch" Written By Teresa Howell | I am always willing to share my secrets for aging gracefully, so when my younger sister Beth … [Read more...]

Bee Die-Offs | New tests find bee-killing pesticides in ‘bee-friendly’ plants from garden centers nationwide

So called ‘bee-friendly’ garden plants contain pesticides that can poison bees, with no warning to gardeners.

Many “bee friendly” home garden plants sold at Home Depot (NYSE: HD), Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW) and other leading garden centers have been … [Read more...]

Eat Your Weedies

Edible or not, weeds have a complex relationship with humans.

Written By Teresa Howell | I’ve been spending the summer in Montana, riding the grubline with various relatives. The cooking is always … [Read more...]

Beans | The Musical Fruit

Beans contain many vitamins and minerals and they are good for garden soil.

“A Rough Patch” Written By Teresa Howell | Years ago, I came across an essay by Benjamin Franklin called “Fart Proudly.”  … [Read more...]