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Provider Profile: Ruth Gentry Ph.D.

After having a wonderful experience with a counselor as a child, I knew I wanted to help people feel the same way by helping them make … [Read more...]

“Drugstore Flu” Spreads New H1N1 Sickness


Written By Robert A. Eslinger, D.O., H.M.D. | There is evidence that this year’s longer lasting, more exhausting and deadly flu … [Read more...]

Jade: The Longevity Stone


Written by Lissie Lyles | Jade is the name shared by two distinctly different minerals: Nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate, and … [Read more...]

Know Youself, Forget Yourself


Five Truths to Transform Your Work, Relationships and Everyday Life By Marc Lesser Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings By June Milligan, … [Read more...]

Provider Profile: Kelley Maresca

KelleyMaresca (749x800) (599x640)

                    Kelley Maresca is an herbalist, … [Read more...]

Chronic Dehydration: Part 17


Tap Water Alternatives-Water Filters Can Help Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald | As described in the November 2013 issue, a lot of toxic … [Read more...]