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Gluten Sensitivity: Pearls of Wisdom


Submitted By Power Health | As little as five years ago when we advised a patient to remove gluten from their diet, most people still had … [Read more...]

Peripheral Neuropathy: The Challenge

peripheral-neuroathy-power health-march14

Written By Martin Rutherford, D.C., C.C.S.T. and Randall Gates, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.  | Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)--burning, cramping, … [Read more...]

It’s All in Your Head!


Written By Tony C. Jensen, DC | Have you or someone you know been told that the symptoms they're having is all in their head? Well, the … [Read more...]

Chiropractors aren’t “real doctors,” are they?

Chiropractic Physicians receive a different viewpoint on the nature of comprehensive healthcare.

After years of chiropractic care gaining credibility and solid ground in the medical community, there still remains an almost obscene lack … [Read more...]


Your body may be trying to let you know that you are "out of balance" in one or multiple areas.

Have you ever been trying to lift or move something around and notice that one side of your body isn't as strong as the other side.  That's … [Read more...]

That Didn’t Hurt That Much!

Whiplash, falls and other types of injuries all affect the tissues which can cause delayed pain.

Submitted By Tony Jensen | When you're first involved in a auto accident, have a fall, or some type of injury, you sometimes don't feel a … [Read more...]