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Bioelectric Energy: Understanding how it can improve your health

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In 1933, microbiologist and inventor Royal Rife released his Universal Microscope. Rife applied light waves, radio, megahertz, or electrical frequencies to E.coli, tuberculosis, and viruses to observe cellular responses prior to his release. In doing so, he discovered that bacteria and viruses had a MOR (Mortal Oscillatory Rate), or specific cellular explosion, that would explode the microbial cell wall. The next step was to test the MOR in blood cells in order to try to kill the invaders. Rife manufactured a beam ray light generator to tune in to the subjects’ MOR. There are many Rife machines on the market today that are geared toward most diseases.

Cells, water, food, herbs and air can be transformed organically via electrical energy fields. Strobing patterns or pulses can be therapeutically rhythmical and enhance the pulsating magnetic fields as can be found in a back stimulator for pain relief, also introduced by Rife.

Fluorescent lights flicker a high hazardous EMF (electromagnetic field), at times so disruptive one can hear the buzz. Actually the buzz is the electricity zapping the mercury in the tube of deadly gases. Florescent lights are outlawed in other countries, especially in hospitals, as they are endocrine disruptors.

NASA spent billions on discovering nm (nanometers) light frequencies (biotechnology) to grow plants without the UV and infrared light from the sun. They found that pulsating 670nm (nanometer) red, 470nm blue and near infrared could recreate photosynthesis. Some scientists reported many benefits such as hair growth and improved skin and immune function. Hence the popularly-named photo-facial, red laser hair growth, or infrared hyperthermia (raising body core temp) to activate circulation, metabolism and capillary osmotic cleansing via perspiration.

Similarly, bioelectromagnetics or PMEF (Pulsed Magnetic Energy Field) pads are being utilized in many medical therapies for pain, energy, circulation and REM sleep programs. Top recovery clinics use PMEF pads which assist bone healing for a 50% improved recovery time. Many individuals report sleep, pain, anxiety, energy, and auto immune benefits with proper usage, to name just a few.

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