Healthy Beginnings

The Angels Among Us

A moment in time when despair turns to hope and possibility. What is that grace? Maybe a word or touch, a moment of insight, which sets our dark delusion right.

The angels among us are those unseen and unsung until revealed in the moment of need. Just what we need, delivered as visitation, inspiration or through a person, it is the energy of a wisdom and compassion beyond the norm.

As humans, our path is a series of challenges designed to reveal our true nature. To reveal your true nature to yourself. How else would you truly know yourself without the testimony of choices that challenge ego with something that transcends it? The darker the night, the more brilliant the light when it comes. But when we have gotten lost, forgot that darkness and despair are illusion, somehow there is grace, amazing grace! When it is most needed, least expected and never by conscious demand.

Angelic rescue brings you to a moment of innocence where you are cleansed of layers of lies you thought were true. A place like the eyes of a child. A moment where you are allowed to glimpse the light of the immense glory of the bigger picture. The underlying, universal reality that we are creatures of love and immense comprehension. That we are all on a path to our true unique, just right glorious nature.

Find the angel within you to play in the God realm. Experience the joy of creating in alignment with the will of evolution. Where problems are reduced to their secondary importance and the true importance of simple virtues are revealed. Every negative feeling and action considered is an opportunity to choose otherwise. Unconditional love is the default under the release of all judgement. Then the ability to see, hear and act with sight and love from above is yours. The magic of healing yourself is the healing of those you touch.

An angel whispers in your ear that all is not lost, that growth and a somehow better you has arisen from the ashes. The proof of angels is that you are here now, not there.

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