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Advertiser Testimonials

June-Milligan300 Joyful Changes

I have advertised in Healthy Beginnings consistently since the first issue was distributed in August 2006, and I will certainly continue to do so.  Through good years and bad, my ad in the magazine has continued to elicit phone calls from people interested in acupressure, life coaching or hypnotherapy.  And importantly, the readers of this magazine seem to have the resources to be able to purchase the products and services they want.

Over 60”% of my business is generated through Healthy Beginnings. People seem to keep the magazine for years, as I have received calls from ads placed at least two years prior.  I ask every client, “How did you find my practice?” If they say “Internet,” I ask if there was something they read somewhere that directed them to my website or if they were just doing an Internet search. Many say that they found the website address in Healthy Beginnings and wanted to know more.

Over the years I’ve found that consistency in advertising is vital. People need to see the ad on a regular basis.  Repetition is the key.  The public somehow feels that if they see an ad consistently, you must be doing something right. Otherwise you’d no longer be advertising.

I’ve enjoyed working with the staff immensely and of course with Dawn Gowery, who has an impressive background in sales, business management and publishing.  It’s wonderful to be able to deal with someone who knows the business and knows what works.

I like to stick with the most powerful advertising verbiage, a simple yet informative description of what I want the client to know.  Changing the ad every month may not be a good idea.  People like familiarity and consistency.

Healthy Beginnings has been a wonderful source of clients and I am very pleased with the return on my investment.

June Milligan, M. Ed., CCHt
Joyful Changes 775-786-9111

RenoIntegMed300Reno Integrative

I want to thank you for the wonderful personal service you offer in helping us with our HB advertising. Because of the news brief, in August’s issue, we attracted at least 20 people* to our clinic’s HCG diet program. We are suddenly “on the map!”

With Gratitude,
Lindell Eslinger
Reno Integrative Medical Center

*These 20 clients are paying $800-900 per month out-of-pocket for RIMC’s services.


CarolChristian300Carol Christian

I have been an advertiser in your magazine since its conception, nearly three years ago. I would like to say that not once have I regretted this expenditure of my advertising budget. To be more concise, from the very beginning of our business relationship my sales have increased at a steady monthly rate. Every month I receive multiple calls generated from my ads in your magazine. As a matter of fact, in the time period that I have been writing this letter I have received 3 calls for our services. They were all generated from Healthy Beginnings and all have set appointments. Our transition from inquiry to client ratio is 91%, which clearly demonstrates the quality of your health minded readers. We at Reno Alternative Health Care Center have seen our business grow enough to enable us to justify opening a second location at the Ageless Zone. Your experience, tireless professionalism and Healthy Beginnings have had a positive effect on the growth of my business.  Thank you Dawn for all your work and may our profitable relationship continue for many more years.

Yours truly,
Carol Christian, President
Reno Alternative Health Care Center

** Carol has since sold her business and moved to Beverly Hills

karen_tenaglioTherapeutic Skin Care

“New customers tell me that they could not find anyone that provided ear candeling until they saw my ads in Healthy Beginnings. I have built a solid ear candeling business; clients come from Carson, South Lake Tahoe, as well as Reno.”

-Karen Tenaglio, Therapeutic Skin Care