Healthy Beginnings

9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy

1. Take a Cat Nap. One of the best ways to put pep back into your step is to snooze for 20 to 30 minutes – but not longer.

2. Walk Briskly… for 10 minutes to raise your heart rate, which revs alertness and energy.

3. Munch Almonds. They’re loaded with magnesium, a mineral essential for jumpstarting your battery. Just a handful of nuts a day will do the trick.

4. Eat Combo Snacks. Pair carbs with protein for a longer-lasting power boost.

5. Sip Green Tea. Besides caffeine, it contains the amino acid L-thiamine, which helps counteract energy-sapping anxiety.

6. Sniff a Bouquet. The scent of fresh flowers is proven to increase vitality and concentration by 17 percent

7. Stretch for 30 Seconds. Do this every 15 minutes and you’ll feel pumped all day, a Louisiana State University research shows.

8. Laugh. A good chuckle increases circulation throughout the body.

9. Drink Water. Being even a little dehydrated is draining.

Hidden cause of fatigue

A thyroid gland that pumps out too little of the hormones that regulate metabolism, heart rate and body temperature can cause exhaustion. If your energy continues to lag, ask your doctor about a thyroid function test.