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A Natural Energy Boost

coffee_energy300Written By Dr. Daniel S. Smith, D.C.|

The dilemma: that afternoon slump at work when your energy hits an all-time low; the inability to muster enough energy to get through your typical workout, or that all too familiar nagging lack of energy when you’re only half-way through your to-do list.

The quick answer: an artificial energy boost. This typically takes the form of a cup of coffee, junk food containing astronomical amounts of sugar, or a can of soda or an energy drink. This will give you that desired bump in energy, but it also guarantees an energy crash will quickly follow.

It seems like a simple solution, but is it really a solution? Did you know that a lack of energy may simply be a lack of appropriate nutrients, or that tiredness is a common symptom of an energy imbalance? Our bodies act as motors, and if we lack fuel (a lack of necessary nutrients) we feel tired and can end up getting fatigued and/or losing focus. The good news is this means we can actually plan for energy drops in the same way we plan trips to the gas station when the tank is getting low.

The real answer: a natural energy boost! There’s a healthy alternative that restores maximum energy and brain function–without the subsequent crash or other undesirable side effects. It is the amazing amino acids; they are instrumental in creating/restoring a state of high energy as well as increased focus.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, as well as critical components in building and maintaining hormones, muscles and the immune system. Without an adequate amount of amino acids, your body breaks down; the result is an energy drain. However, when free form amino acids are ingested, the amino acids are absorbed into the bloodstream where they are used in body cells to form new proteins for energy.

So then, how do we add amino acids in our daily program to keep our energy levels at their peak? According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the average adult requires eight grams of protein for every twenty pounds of body weight. But, what if you’re not getting the proper amount of daily protein? No need to fret. A high-quality, broad-spectrum amino acid supplement is an excellent way to augment your diet and maintain a healthy energy level, naturally. It is important to note that a broad-spectrum amino acid supplement is the key as it contains all of the amino acids necessary to form energy.

In conjunction with amino acids, consider the following basic lifestyle changes that can also naturally boost your energy levels:

  • Eat breakfast. This is your first opportunity of the day to provide fuel to your body. Choose a whole grain and you will find this natural boost of energy lasts even longer!
  • Eat lunch. The goal is to maintain your energy levels throughout the day to avoid those energy dips.
  • Don’t overeat. Too much food will drain your energy.
  • Drink enough water. A dehydrated body functions less efficiently, whereas a hydrated body will assist in maintaining natural energy levels.

The final thought is as simple and easy to digest as amino acids. Odds are you already know what is causing your unwelcomed energy drain. It could be stress, lack of sleep, physical exertion or just poor eating habits. Once you begin tuning in, these events will become predictable and easily circumvented, with something as simple as a high quality, broad-spectrum amino acid supplement. The final word then, is that YOU have the power to put the vitality back into your life. Consider the amazing amino acids–the simplest form of protein–they are easily absorbed for an immediate boost of natural energy, to keep you feeling at your peak!



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